What is Golden WiFi?
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If you know of WiFi, then you’re in step with the times.

If you use WiFi every day to check your E-mail at lunch, then you’re a professional who knows the value of every minute.

If WiFi is as indispensable to you as the air you breathe because the Internet is a huge part of your life, then you’re definitely hip and already in the know. But if you still don’t know what WiFi is, then you’re either a hopeless romantic who avoids electronic devices on  principle, or you’re too lazy to learn about one of the most impressive technological innovations in recent times.

WiFi – Is Simple

So WiFi is really simple. If you have a notebook, pocket PC, communicator or smartphone, you can connect to the Internet whenever you want.  Even when these whenevers and wherevers get complicated.

What happens if an attractive member of the opposite sex stops you on the street and asks: “How can I get to the library?” You can’t answer without access to the net, but this question could be fate knocking at your door. Or let’s say you’re with friends hanging out in a fashionable coffee house and suddenly everybody gets the urge to go ice skating. Where are the rinks?  On the net. . When and where you need to get on the Internet vary, but the need is always the same!

Golden WiFi is a perfect fit for dwellers in the modern megalopolis, who love to be “in the loop” and remain connected with the world.

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