Rate plans

You can choose the rate plan that best suits your needs:

Vsegda (Always) is an unlimited-use rate plan for active Internet users. For 500 rubles, you can spend an entire month on the Golden WiFi network without any limits on time or traffic volume. More about the rate plan.
You have to replenish your balance within 30 days after registration. Otherwise, your account will be suspended.

Sutki (Day&Night) is a new rate plan for those who want to manage the access to Internet by themselves. Pop-up your balance for 100 rubles (or more) and get the access to the Internet for the next 24 hours. More about the rate plan.

Inogda (Sometimes) is a rate plan convenient for those who only use wireless Internet from time to time. Sometimes allows you to pay only for the time you use. One hour of Internet use, regardless of traffic volume, costs 50 rubles.
You can use 60 minutes all at once or connect several times. More about the rate plan.
You have to replenish your balance within 30 days after registration. Otherwise, your account is deleted.

Seychas (Now) is a rate plan for instant access to Golden WiFi. Signing in takes a few moments and you don't have to remember a login or a password: just register again next time. One hour browsing the Internet will cost you 100 RUR, after that time the access is blocked.
Surf the Net right now! Learn more.
You have to replenish your balance within 7 days after registration. Otherwise, your account is deleted.

Living on the net or just visiting? Its up to you.

Network Zones

Internet access via the Golden WiFi network is available on a commercial basis or for free, depending on the zone you are located in.

The Golden WiFi zone is the primary coverage area. It includes residential buildings, streets and public establishments, such as cinemas, shopping centers, beauty salons, restaurants, clubs, airports and hotels. When connecting to the Internet in the Golden WiFi zone, you pay according to the rate plan you have chosen.

In many of the citys establishments, you can use the Golden WiFi network for free. These establishments are part of the Golden WiFi Free zone. In order to connect in this zone, you do not have to be a registered user. Simply select the network called Glden_WiFi_Free and connect to the Internet.

NameLogo Indicating
Coverage Type
SSID *Current Rate PlansZone
Golden WiFiGolden_WiFiAlways
(500 rubles a month)

(100 rubles per 24 hours)

(50 rubles per hour)

(100 rubles per hour)
The Golden WiFi coverage area
Golden WiFi FREEGolden_WiFi_FREENo payment requiredIn establishments offering Golden WiFi FREE

* SSID is the network identification code.

In some places, several Golden WiFi network rate plans are offered simultaneously and you can choose which one you prefer to continue working in.

When switching to a different zone, the connection is terminated and you must be re-authorized to re-connect. During the second authorization, you can select any zone available where you are located.


Please pay close attention to the SSID code of the network to which you wish to connect, as the connection cost depends on the SSID code you select.

In order to use Golden WiFi services in these areas, you will need to open a separate account and acquire the appropriate payment card.

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