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New rate plans for Golden WiFi

Dear Golden WiFi users!

We are happy to offer you new rates for our services!

Since 5th of March we are offering brand new rate plan Day&Night (Sutki) 24 hours of unlimited Internet access just for 100 rubles.
24 hours countdown starts right after activating the service in Personal office. After the 24 hours your account will be temporarily suspended. To get access for another 24 hours just restore your balance using the Personal Office (this option is available only if your balance is equal to 100 rubles or more).

We have reduced the price for Sometimes (Inogda) for 50% since 5th of March.

Inogda now 1 hour of Internet access to the Internet costs you only 50 rubles (with no limits on traffic or speed). You can spend the paid time during one or several sessions.

Always (Vsegda) stays with the same price.

Vsegda is an unlimited-use rate plan for active Internet users. For 500 rubles, you can spend an entire month on the Golden WiFi network without any limits on time or traffic volume.

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