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Practically all of the latest generation of digital technology supports WiFi technology. Look for WiFi or Intel® Centrino™ logos on the product’s body or for a reference to IEEE 802.11b/g support in the technical manual. It means that your device has a special built-in adapter and you only need to connect to Golden WiFi for Internet access.

Desktop computer

If your device supports WiFi, then you only need to register to connect to Golden WiFi.
If your device does not support WiFi, you will have to buy and connect a WiFi adapter (which is neither costly nor complicated). You will also have to install the software supplied with the adapter.
WiFi adapters come in these types:

—      PCI card for desktop PCs;

—      PCMCIA card for notebooks (PC Card);

—      external device that connects via the USB port on a notebook or desktop PC;

—      external device that connects via the Ethernet port of any device (WLAN-Ethernet adapter);

—      SD or CF card for pocket computers.

WiFi adapters can be bought in most computer stores. If you have doubts as to which adapter you need, we recommend consulting the instruction manual or contacting the manufacturer of your product.

For most convenient logging in to your account you might use Golden WiFi Navigator.

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